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Customer Insights Weekly | W45

November 04, 2016 Tags: insights weekly, customer experience, usertest

Our Customer Insight Consultant Julie presents you with two learnings from the behavioural customer insights we've gained for our clients in the past week.

1. Functionality of primary functions: We involved customers to investigate the functionality of a traffic application. It works primarily with sound, so the customer will be able to receive traffic announcements while driving. A key learning emerged quite clearly, as you can see in the video: Customers need to be able to figure out how to use primary functions. That includes turning them on and off.

2. Keep support staff updated. In this case, we observed customers interacting with a pension site. The customer had trouble finding what she wanted, and requested help via the support chat. The link that support suggested turned out to be inactive, though. All the right intentions were there, but because the support staff was not updated, the entire service eventually was very ineffective. 

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